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there is no way he's calling that guy hyung. he makes mosquito noises and even swats the invisible mosquito to death. he sounds like a dolphin begging for fish. his nose could poke a person's eye out when he leans in to whisper a secret. wonshik refuses to ever call jaehwan hyung no matter what his birth certificate says.

it has nothing to do with jaehwan being so cute. wonshik has no problem saying it over and over, jaehwan is cute, they've all heard him say it. he's said it on the radio, he's said it on diary. he's even said it to jaehwan when he looks in the mirror worried that maybe his nose is too big. he finds it even cuter when jaehwan makes jokes about his nose all his own.

he likes jaehwan's neck. it's long and when he's singing a long and high note the way it strains is not cute. it's something else that makes wonshik almost miss the cue for his own lines. the way jaehwan points it out later is also not cute.

he likes it when jaehwan is hurting and that makes him feel terrible but he has jaehwan sleeping against his chest. he can admire only the side of his face from this angle. jaehwan's parted lips as he takes deep breath in slumber are nicer to look at than trying to stare at them when he's awake talking like vocalization is an endangered species.

maybe jaehwan deserves to be called hyung, without wonshik saying it just because hakyeon told him he had to for appearance's sake, because he's the one that bridges the gap. he kisses wonshik backstage after their first number one win and to jaehwan it's like it's been that way all along. he just goes right to high fiving everyone in the room like he didn't just corner wonshik and leave a lingering promise on his lips of a private celebration later. he's certainly not going to call him hyung in bed, unless jaehwan is into that.


Free; Shut Up & Drive

Title: Free
Rating: R
Pairing: Doojoon & Hyunseung
Word Count: 181

I wanna push til I get it right...Collapse )

Title: Shut Up & Drive
Rating: R
Pairing: Doojoon & Junhyung
Word Count: 166

My engine's ready to blow...Collapse )

Sometimes It Hurts

Doojoon & Hyunseung; Rated: R; 1,289 words; Doojoon is not the man Hyunseung remembers and strawberries are yummy.

Read more...Collapse )

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